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United93 2013 - present

This research started after sending a letter in October 2013 to the director of the Mondriaan Fund, Birgit Donker.

United 93 investigates the role and influence of art related texts. How text influences the actual perception of art and could lead to support and means for its realization. How are textual qualifications formulated that allow visuals to 'happen', while other texts lead to exclusion.

I requested the director's permission to study the Mondriaan reports from several proposals that were or were not rewarded by the Fund. By analyzing these different applications I would like to formulate an understanding over the allowed and facilitated space for visual experiments in our society and how this is formulated.

After all, the available means and supported ideas altogether form the spatial environment we consider our daily surrounding (reality).

In our market economy public funds as the Mondriaan Fund play a crucial role by facilitating experiment that the market is simply not providing. Therefore this Fund has the potential to visualize the unknown on certain grounds.

Investigation so far:

A letter was send to the director Birgit Donker: 04/10/2013

Since there was no answer I spoke on the phone with Sarah Malko, Executive Secretary about this matter: 01/11/2013

Received an email by Sarah Malko, Executive Secretary, where she appoints Arsine Nazarian, project assistant of the Mondriaan Fund to help me and adds the message that it will take some time for her to answer my question: 01/11 /2013

01/11/2013 till now I am waiting for response.

To be continued (last updated 28-7-2015).

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More information will follow.