denial-of-service 25 June 2016

It is a pleasure to inform you that Denial-of-Service was selected for the Unnoticed Art Festival's second edition scheduled 25 June 2016.

Denial-of-Service (DoS) was a customer's research on Saturday 25 June in Nijmegen and investigated how and if it is possible to influence from outside a supermarket, the shopping experience inside.

Denial-of-Service consisted of Youri Appelo, Caz Egelie and Edwin Stolk (as THE.ORG representatives) who appeared at the entrance of a supermarket and gave advise to clients on the best available deals in store.

For our food supply we are increasingly dependent on the availability in supermarkets. What we consider the reality of a supermarket is actually a highly controlled environment by marketing techniques. With loyalty cards, security cameras and the way the interior is arranged our customer experience is carefully directed. Special offers are there to attract buyers and in addition there should be just enough stock so nobody leaves disappointed.

Denial-of-Service tried to mobilize customers to behave differently in order to question the available product offerings and marketing strategies that lay behind. We tried to convince people to collaborate by buying a discounted pineapple. The idea was to see if it was possible to organize an Out-of-Stock experience (OOS -which means an empty shelf). Our purpose was not only to activate a dialogue with this controlled environment of products but also to reconsider our position as customers.

Denial-of-Service was a research and critical customer collaboration fueled by principles of sharing (THE.ORG)

#theorganisation was founded in 2011 to make knowledge and resources available for the cultural innovation of society.

Denial-of-Service was a cooperative intervention and not possible without the generous support of Youri Appelo, Caz Egelie, Frans van Lent, Unnoticed Art Festival crew, AH clients between 11:00 and 12:00 hours, shop owners and everyone else discussing the intentions of this visual research.

This project was mentioned in the following press: Trendbeheer, #strangemessenger

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Best regards, Edwin Stolk.

(Photos are made by Youri Appelo and Edwin Stolk)