The Artist = Present 24/25 sept. 2016

Invited by Leonie van der Plas and Ioana Tudor, The Artist = Present was the title of my contribution to Perforator in leiden, a performance event organized by De Generator. They aim to provide space for socially engaged theatre.

With my contribution I questioned engaged performance art and the role of the artists presence as performer. The place of the work was important, to investigate how a cultural hub ('vrijplaats') functions in a society that itself claims to be free.

During opening hours I was present among the audience and watched the performances. I was available for a conversation about alternative image making.

To find me I offered on one of the walls a preview of an Alamy photograph, depicting a famous performance artist who is posing in front of her performance documentation. (slideshow on the right)

The title was written with a black pencil on a yellow post-it: The Artist = Present, followed by my phone number and attached to the photo. In a letter I explained my intentions, finishing with the words:

As a performer among the performers it is necessary to find each other in the development of a contemporary image of our time.

The Artist = Present could count on the generous support of: De Generator at Vrijplaats Leiden and followed the concept of #theorganisation.

Other Perforator participants: Nicola Kirkaldy and Roosmarijn Mascini, Mariska Baars, Ronald Bal, Larysa Bauge, Stars and Other Bodies (o.a. Hannah Driesse en Leo Fabriek), Lucius, Leonie van der Plas, Hristina Tasheva and Ioana Tudor.

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Best regards, Edwin Stolk.