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Investigating spaces

November 2007

This video performance was made for the internet. In the glory days of Myspace it was noticed and nominated for the Partouche Award at: Prix Partouche du Court Metrage Experimental, Experimental Short Film Festival - and premeried at Arts Le Havre in 2008.

This video performance investigates the body in relation to a space, it was an attempt to reach a pre-natural state of mind in which you would be able to free yourself of the knowledge about yourself and your surrounding. I was inspired by a theory of the philosopher Maurice Merleau Ponty who wrote about a pre-scientific state of mind to reach closer to an understanding of a reality.

This performance was made without any script. While I was filming myself with a cheap photo camera in a little room of my apartment I started intuitively to use the surrounding materials as metaphors for bigger global issues.

Investigating Spaces is not a search for beauty in our existence but more a report of an experiment. A search through new forms of communication about how we relate ourselves physically and mentally to the space that we inhabit. The eventual result might be rough, emotional or even dirty.

Watch the video here: