22 January till 4 March 2012

Developed in close collaboration with of your life in Zwolle, curator Pim Trooster and participating artists: Sean Hannan, Isabelle Schiltz, Robbert Weide, Emile Zile, Marijke Uittenbroek and Hristina Tasheva.

"For a stable future for culture we have to arrange that culture is getting its resources from a broader source: private funding by individuals or companies and so on" Halbe Zijlstra as State Secretary of Culture and Education in the Netherlands, 2012.

"This text inspired me to achieve respectful working conditions for the artists in this group show. I invited six emerging artists working in different media who appear themselves as a visual 'tool' in their work. Artworks which are dealing with social, political and economical issues. At the opening event composer Merlijn Twaalfhoven was invited to give a critical reflection on the 'white cube', taking his publication 'Art in the world' as point for departure.

To realise the right means for this show I contacted all the available companies in the industrial area around the exhibition venue to partake.

The organisation helped to edit and distribute more than 60 letters to companies within this specific area. The letters were all signed and numbered in the ORiGi 2copy/number series and contained the polite but urgent request to help realizing this exhibition.

None of these letters was answered. The copies were all exhibited in a clean installation as part of the show: In search of new alliances."

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